20 April 2016

First in Russia laser cinema IMAX presented in the mall on Kutuzovsky Avenue in Moscow

On April 19, the IMAX Day in Russia was held in the new movie theatre Formula Kino, to open in August 2016, in Oceania mall on Kutuzovsky Avenue. The event is timed to the presentation of the first and so far only in Russia and CIS laser cinema IMAX seating 444 spectators. The IMAX laser hall also features the largest IMAX screen in Russia.

First in Russia laser cinema IMAX presented in
the mall on Kutuzovsky Avenue in Moscow+

The Dual-4K system of laser projectors installed in the theatre was specifically created for biggest screens in IMAX theatres. It is outfitted with a new optical module and a package of proprietary IMAX technologies allowing the projection of images in 2D and 3D formats, with the aspect ratio of up to 1.43:1, maximum definition, sharpness and color range possible.

The acoustic system has been significantly upgraded as well. The new generation IMAX acoustics ensure more powerful and accurate sound reproduction, enhancing the “submersion effect”. The revamped system supports 12 discreet channels plus sub-bass and includes both supplementary side channels and new upper channels, allowing the effective distribution of sound over the hall.

“IMAX is always about pushing the boundaries of what’s possible,” commented John Schreiner, Senior Vice President for Business Development of IMAX in Russia, CIS and Middle East. “To raise emotions experienced by the audience to an absolutely unprecedented level, the corporation invested the biggest amount in its entire history in research and developments. As a result, we are proud to present to you a new generation projection-acoustic system based on the advanced laser technology.”