19 July 2014

Kids’ fun center Dreamfield opens in Galereya Krasnodar

Children’s entertainment center Dreamfield has opened in the shopping and leisure center Galereya Krasnodar. The play zone is fashioned in the area of panoramic restaurants on the third floor.

Kids’ fun center Dreamfield opens in Galereya Krasnodar+

The kids’ fun center is spread on the area of 250 sq m. Mazes, rides, mini theatre, amusement machines, toy cars and a lot more can be found there. Dreamfield is good for kids aged 1 to 12.

Children’s entertainment center Dreamfield that has opened in Galereya Krasnodar boasts a unique concept: Dreamfield has its own currency “dreamfiks” which kids earn for participation in contests and competitions. They may spend their “earnings” on entertainments and shopping inside the kids’ area.

Kids’ birthday parties, thematic events, master classes, fun shows can be staged here. Dreamfield is also about edutainment: kids may study in different hobby groups. Kids are organized by professional teachers employed by the center.