29 September 2015

TV channel Moscow24 spotlights giant aquarium in shopping mall on Kutuzovsky

A plot about a retail project developed on Kutuzovsky Avenue by TPS Real Estate was shown in today’s program “Construction at Length” on TV channel Moscow24. Construction manager Sergey Kuznetsov told TV journalists about the erection of a giant 24-meter-high water tank with the holding capacity of over 1m liters.

TV channel Moscow24 spotlights giant aquarium in shopping mall on Kutuzovsky+

The cylinder tank was assembled fr om several acrylic panels having the width of up to 24 cm; these were glued together into 30-ton cylinders. The latter were then delivered to the site wh ere a giant aquarium was put together using a 90-meter crane through the dismantled roof of the shopping center.

“The crane operator cab was out of sight of the tank installed,” said Mr. Kuznetsov, “and for the proper installation of cylinder panels we used video surveillance technologies.” In his words, a hydraulic elevator will run inside the tank so that visitors would be able to move between different levels, sliding as it were through the water column, surrounded by numerous marine creatures.

The shopping mall on Kutuzovsky Avenue with the gross built area of 140,000 sq m. and the gross leasable area of 60,000 sq m. is slated for opening in 2016.

Reference to the video:here